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Whether the engine runs or not, we can take that car off your hands for CASH! Call Michigan Junk Cars for Cash at (248) 940-3437 today. Our welcoming, easy and quick car removal team will provide cater to YOUR needs with same-day pick up in Lansing and you’ll walk away with cash in hand! We take out the expense of a middle man which means there is more money for you to get for selling your car to us. Yup, fast cash for your unwanted car.‌

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We Buy All Kinds of Cars in Lansing

There is no volume of destruction on your car that can prevent us from buying it. You can cash out on your car irrespective of its condition. Michigan Junk Cars for Cash is a watered-down ground for trading junk cars as we offer you the best from our highly esteemed car buyers and appraisers. We give you irresistible offers once you contact us. We render services everywhere in the Lansing.

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Selling Cars in Lansing Made Easy with Michigan Junk Cars for Cash

We buy any car in any condition and remove it at no cost to you. We even take the added step of navigating Lansing’s local regulations surrounding car removal. We’ll handle the paperwork and take care of all the small stuff so that you won’t have anything to worry about.

Our goal is to help you and fellow members of the community remove junk from your properties, and to provide an additional source of income in these trying times. Put your mind at ease and give us a call at your earliest convenience to schedule an appointment (248) 940-3437. Our team will be waiting for you and will be more than happy to assist with your junk car removal needs.